Princess Bloom is the Fairy of the Dragon Flame. She is Prince Sky's fiancée, the second princess of Domino and its Guardian Fairy. She is one of the. 4Kids Cut 1 A panning down shot of Alfea as Bloom quickly runs through the gate.* Bloom: The party's about to begin and I still have to fix my dress! During an episode where the queen visits and Stella asks Sky to stay by her side to support her, he spends the entire episode following Bloom. Bloom is our protagonist. In both versions, she is an exceptionally strong fire fairy with a mysterious heritage that she starts out knowing. - This pack is almost identical with the other one, but here, the scepters are smaller and Bloom Mythix Scepter by AstralBlu on DeviantArt. In order to do so, they must also find Eldora, the fairy godmother, who, like Bloom, has quite a close connection with Selina, and the only one who knows. In the Season 1 finale of Netflix's “Fate: The Winx Saga,” a live-action adaptation of the Italian cartoon “Winx Club,” fire fairy Bloom. If you Bloom fans read this and get offended that's not my fault as I've warned you. First off I'll start with the obvious one; She's a Mary sue. Everyone falls. Di show plot na about one girl Bloom, wey grow up for America, only to find out say she be fire fairy afta she bin burn her parents house. We follow Bloom's journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment as the requisite “chosen one”, and learn about this magical world through.